We Have Lift-Off

We all need a project. Or maybe we don’t all, but I do. If I don’t have a writing project going, I end up spending all my spare time watching Turner Classic Movies (hoping for Myrna Loy to show up) and eating Smartfood. And when I eat Smartfood, my fingers get so cheesy and icky that I can’t type anyway, so I don’t even bother. (Although of course you can tip the bag back and pour the Smartfood directly into your mouth – just don’t try it while driving, especially when it’s one of those big bags and it’s still quite full. Take my word for this.) Anyway, my project is to get my writing life in order, here on this website, in what I hope will be an entertaining way. I welcome you to join me, I hope you will be amused, and I trust that you will be able to keep yourself occupied profitably when I am beset by extended periods of inactivity or incoherence.

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