A Year in Nature: June 3

Candy? Trilobite fossil? Only tasting will tell.

After seven straight days of rain the weather finally cleared today and I went out into the woods. The ground was very damp, a good time to look under logs. I love to roll the logs over in late spring and watch the bugs skitter for cover. Today, though, when I rolled one log I noticed that several particularly ugly and disgusting little beetles didn’t move. I looked at them more closely and soon realized that what I had before me were either long-dead trilobites or English hard candies. In the spirit of science, I picked one up, bit through the brittle shell, chewed into the spurting soft center and swallowed, The taste? The taste was not merely stale, but millions of years old, the taste of time passing, of ennui itself, yet not without a wicked hint of mothballs. Question: What were English hard candies doing under a log in the woods near my house?

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